artist's biography

Philip was born in Co Tipperary in 1960 and studied at the Limerick School of Art and Design. He has lived and exhibited in America and Ireland over the last 25 year's, finally settling in Tipperary where he continues to draw inspiration for his work. The Shannon, Lough Derg and surrounding landscape are rich sources of inspiration for his work as he regularly hikes and swim's in this area. The interplay of the constantly changing climate in this region and the mood's suggested all contribute to the making of his work. For Philip the act of painting is a form of contemplation, a way to tune into nature's rhythm-a panacea to the high speed, instantly disposable digital world into which we are being thrown. 


Solo exhibitions


1994 Canal Gallery, New York

2008 Country Choice, Nenagh 

2009 Frame Gallery, Limerick

2013 Sol Art, Dublin 


Group exhibitions, selected


Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite, California

Lismore Art Gallery, Waterford

Limerick City Gallery of Art

VUE at the RHA 




John Paul Getty lll

North Tipperary County Council

Carey Glass International

Office of Public Works 

Gateway - Oil on canvas 40cm x 40cm 2007